Welcome to ‘A new yoga’ class-package

Below are instructions for how to use the course. We have tried to make it as intuitive as possible, but it will still take a minute to work out how it works.

Start by downloading your ‘A new yoga’ e-book using this link:
E-Book Introduction to a new yoga by Stefan Camilleri

Access to the modules is on the left-hand column. Each module has readings, lectures, practise videos, and review questions. Go through each of these one at a time, and once completed, click the complete mark button on the top right-hand side to easily track your progress.

If you decide to get access to the full course we’ll need to see the review questions at the end. Keep that in mind and make a document with all your answers as you go. At the end of the course, we’ll ask you to send a PDF with all your answers for assessment. 

This course also has its own Facebook discussion group for an opportunity to learn together and share our experience. Click here to join.

Thanks so much and good luck! It’s time to get started. Make sure your e-book is ready to go and click on module one on the left-hand side to start.