Hi, I’m Stefan.

And I do a lot of yoga. I’ve delved so deep into all aspects of the practice: from modern anatomy, physiology, and physiotherapy to the ancient yogic philosophy, principles and asanas. I’ve successfully found the limits of my body and, along the way, ended up with injuries. These experiences have been powerful teachers for me, and have inspired me to share them with others.

I’ve been teaching yoga for over 10 years now. Since 2016 I’ve been leading teacher trainings around the world, and now run my own centre in Sri Lanka: Lanka Yoga.

Throughout that time, I’ve had the privilege of guiding hundreds of students through the ever-evolving training program, with a passion for avoiding injury and bringing therapy, healing, fitness and well-being to everyone who studies with me.

My yoga journey has had many twists and turns; the most recent coming through persistent injuries I attained from working too rigidly in my practice. Around this time, I had a lucky encounter with Yoga Synergy founder Simon Borg Olivier. Simon’s methods, inspired by Western physiotherapy fused with ‘Chinese yoga,’ helped me heal very deeply, and within one spontaneous weekend of study in 2019, he revolutionised my beliefs on yoga.

Now, I practice and teach yoga based on a new, yet paradoxically ancient form of yoga, known as ‘Synergy Yoga.’ It is my hope that this variation of yoga touches as many people as possible; especially those who have suffered injury, pain or illness.

I believe that yoga practice should always:

  • Be healing to the body and mind
  • Be enjoyable and fun
  • Be updated (taking into consideration all the latest science)
  • Be respectful of the philosophy and history of yoga
  • Be built around individual needs
I believe yoga should never:

  • Injure or compromise a student’s health or wellbeing
  • Leave people more stressed than when they arrived
  • Be uninformed and out of date
  • Be guru focused
  • Be based on dogma
My beliefs significantly informed my approach to teaching and learning, and therefore, all my classes and courses.

synergy yoga

the yoga I teach

I teach yoga based on the principles of Yoga Synergy, a practice that has a strong focus on working with modern human physiology. At the same time, it is strongly influenced by Taoist Chinese Qi Gong: the forgotten yoga of the East. This wisdom and evidence-based approach creates a safe practice accessible to students of all levels.

A Yoga Synergy practice has three fundamental steps:

Joint Movements: This practice explores the full movements of each joint complex. After exploring their basic range, we combine these into flowing circular motions. From here, we explore how one joint affects others, and how one isolated movement can flow through the whole body. Eventually, these flowing movements merge into the yoga you know and love, as we find ourselves moving between traditional postures in a brand new way that’s so much better for the body.

Spinal Movements: this practice explores the movement and actions of the spine. It is accessible to students of any level and is perfect for maintaining spinal health well into old age. It can be made challenging and fitness-focused for advanced students and simplified for beginners. You can even do these secret moves whilst sitting on a chair to prevent back pain. These Spinal movements, once mastered, can seamlessly translate into all the yoga poses. And their benefits can be truly life-changing for a lot of people.

Asana, flow, and posture: this is where Synergy yoga meets ancient asana (poses), vinyasa (flow) and posture. Here, we take the lessons learnt about our bodies and apply them to sun salutations and common postures and transitions. We learn guidelines and cues for different spinal actions and joint positions, which we then use for each pose. This method simplifies the process of learning new poses, breaking them down into a formula for a physically optimal pose, never compromising safety.

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