a new yoga

Made for well-practised yogis as well as people who are completely new to yoga, Stefan’s online course offers a completely unique, smart, safe and therapeutic practice for everyone.

If you’ve been doing yoga for a while or even have a teacher training under your belt, this course will challenge what you already know, giving you a mind-blowing new perspective on yoga.

Want to teach yoga? Good news. This course is recognized for 25 continuing education hours by Yoga Alliance through their YECP program. Once you finish the course and the assessment, you’ll get an official certificate to support you on your teaching journey.

Module 1 | Getting the most from this course

Learning outcomes for this module

  • To set you up for success and enjoyment in this course and future learning.
  • To get to know who Stefan is and to gain some insight into why his approach is a little different to the mainstream in yoga today.
  • To explore learning styles, listening skills, and emotional intelligence.
Module 2 | What is yoga anyway?

Learning outcomes for this module

  • To determine your definition of yoga, learn where yoga comes from, its essential history, and the interesting links to Chinese yoga, Qigong and the martial arts.
  • To get an idea of the basic principles of yoga philosophy, that is, the reasons we practice yoga in the first place.
  • To learn how we can apply these principles in both our practice and day-to-day lives to make us happier and healthier.
Module 3 | How to practice well

Learning outcomes for this module

  • To be able to have a safe, fun, relaxing and enjoyable yoga practice at home, or when participating in someone else’s classes.
  • To use the body safely and functionally whenever you practise.
  • To breathe optimally for the maximum benefits on and off the mat.
Module 4 | The human conditions, the essentials

Learning outcomes for this module

  • To master the basics of human anatomy and physiology so we can avoid injury and strengthen the body’s joints and muscles.
  • To uncover the real benefits of relaxation.
  • To understand the nervous systems, and how to train them out of fight and flight.
Module 5 | The take-home practice

Learning outcomes for this module

  • To learn the primary yoga sequences you can take home and make a part of your daily practice.
  • To master the full range of joint movements, spinal movements and two variations for a cool-down sequence—everything you need to have a well-rounded, short and simple practice.
Module 6 | Putting it all together

Learning outcomes for this module

  • To take the lessons from this course offline and into the real world.
  • To realise the potential of a healthier, more flexible body, more liveable breath, alongside mental health hacks to keep us happy and calm into the future.

one time investment



what our students say about the course


who's this course for?
This course is a new perspective on modern yoga, and everyone from new students to experienced teachers can benefit from participating. Enrolled in the course already are the owners of yoga schools, recent YTT graduates, keen yoga practitioners, and new beginners.
what's inlcuded?
Access to Stefan’s comprehensive e-book ‘A new yoga,’ lecture videos for each topic, and heaps of video classes. You’ll also get access to a discussion group to ask questions. On completion, you’ll get a certificate of completion you can use on your resume, or as continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance.
can i go at my own pace?
Yes, they do! If you are a yoga teacher or plan on becoming one in the future, all hours are accredited with Yoga Alliance. This course is continued education through the YEC program.
how many hours does it take to complete?
In total, this course takes about 25 hours to complete. Besides some longer yoga classes at the end of the course, no block in longer than 30 minutes.
Does Yoga Alliance accredit these hours?

Yes, they are! If you are a yoga teacher or plan on becoming one in the future, all hours are accredited with yoga alliance. This course is continued education through the YEC program.

Will the course content always be available to me?

Yes, you’ll get lifetime access to all the unique content for this course forever. This means you can repeat your favourite lectures and classes one million times or more with no issues right into the 2090s.

What if I decide to take your 200 or 300hr training in the future?
As this course forms the introduction to Stefan’s teacher training, purchasing it has become some students’ way of trailing the in-person trainings. If this is you, you’re automatically eligible for a discount to the equivalent value of this course when signing up to an in-person course.
What if I don’t like it? Can I get my money back?
Stefan understands that the ideas in this course are a little different and might not be to everyone’s liking. So just in case Stefan would like to offer you a 30-day, full money back, no questions asked grantee. If you decide that the course doesn’t live up to your expectations, no problem, we’ll send you a full refund with no questions asked.

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