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All of whom experience profound shifts in their lives as a result of completing their YTT with us. Some walk a little taller, others feel stronger in their physical practice, and all leave with a deeper understanding of yoga, philosophy, and how to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Many of our trainees experience transformation in their careers and relationships. Some go on to enjoy a complete career change, integrating yoga into their profession, or focusing solely on teaching. Others simply add yoga teaching to their professional repertoire and integrate the practice more deeply into their lifestyles, which creates positive impacts on their relationships and daily life.

Many of my graduates go on to become highly successful teachers. Some, like Julia Piper, Mac Trembly, Kathryn Chivers and Kathryn Gregory have been running local and international retreats. Many graduates, like Clare Acton, Katy Flower, Pip Northam, Ushi Steedman just to name teach full time schedules in their home towns. Some, like Melanie Hood with Mindful Movement Yoga have created innovative business that take yoga to schools and corporate clients. Some graduates now run modules on trainings, with Clare Young teaching with us in Sri Lanka, and Lisa Wuhuu leading anatomy and physiology modules in Austria. While the above mentioned Kathryn Gregory is also launching her own Yin YTT later this year. The amazing Suzie Clark lives as a digital nomad and runs The Remote Edition Podcast from her new home in Bali, and 2018 grad Nikki Fisher now manages Vital Beat Yoga in Perth.

Others have taken a bigger plunge and now run their own yoga studio. In fact, we have now seven studios s in Europe, Asia and Australia both founded by and run by graduates from our course.

To say the least, it is incredibly inspiring and shows how far you can run from the starting point of a simple 200hr training.

Whatever you decide to go after completing your YTT, be inspired by the achievements of others and know that there are a great many ways to make a shift in your personal and professional life through becoming qualified to teach. In just a few short weeks, you can experience the biggest transformations of your life, and we are so excited to share in the journey with you.

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